"Advanced Digital Multimedia" - The Best of Digital Multimedia System in Thailand.


The system displays SMS messages sent from home viewers. To display on the TV screen

SMS Vote

This service is provided for those who would like to express their idea and attitude on any interesting topics.

SMS Bulk

SMS broadcasting is a reminding, announcing, and informing the information via mobile channel like using discount coupon, etc.


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers

SMS Luckydraw

Our SMS system creates a serial number of code inside product automatically so that participants can send a product code to join a lucky draw service.


  • About Us

  • Advanced Cyber Management is a company which expertise in internet websites, internet applications, including the provision of digital media services related to mobile phones for more than 7 years. We have accumulated experience working with both public and private organizations
  • • Developing software system on website
  • • CRM Consultant
  • • Providing wireless marketing services via mobile phones
  • • Mobile application for particular business
  • • Mobile services help increase work efficiency between businesses
  • • Create joint activities between your business and mobile phone users
  • • Interconnecting link between your business, network service provider
  • • The most complete system service for television broadcasting, such as Free TV, Satellite TV and Cable TV
  • Our History

  • Advanced Cyber Management Co., Ltd. The leader in multimedia technology and the best digital multimedia program provider in Thailand under the AdvancedSMS brand, specializing in software system development and conducting business information, voice, pictures and videos via mobile phones. At present, the main target customers that use SMS and MMS services are free TV, cable TV, websites and target customers, followed by radio stations, products with campaigns. And various events
  • In addition, the company also providing services to customers in Application Download, Multimedia (TV, VDO), Content Music Download, via SMS and IVR
  • Vision & Mission

  • Vision
  • • The Best of Digital Multimedia System in Thailand
  • Mission
  • 1. Be a leader in digital multimedia system technology which supports all types of businesses
  • 2. Create and develop a system that has maximum efficiency
  • 3. impress and meet the needs of customers. Manage the system to be accurate.


SCG Construction Products, Siam Cement Group

Sending SMS, USSD, or QR Code, to sweepstake gold necklace

Nestlé Pure Life

Send SMS, receipt number 7-Eleven, get a privilege to travel to Hong Kong

IMPERIAL - Cookies

Win a fortune by sending the receipt number by SMS

TV programme "Roo Mai Krai Sod" Channel One 31

The software system displays voting results on large LED screens

TV Show "Roo Mai Krai Sod" - Channel One 31

Advanced Mobile Vote App from audiences in TV studio

Soap Opera "Muang Manya" - Channel One 31

Voting for the end of the soap opera by SMS, Facebook, and Web

Thai Paiboon Insurance Co., Ltd.

Website Design & development -

Channel 8 Digital TV - RS Promotion

SMSTV System - displaying SMS text on TV screen